Jojoba is a tough, salt-tolerant, drought resistant plant that needs very few added nutrients and cannot be easily synthesized in commercial volume making it perfect for cultivation in arid or drought affected areas.


The Jojoba plant has almost no pest or insect problems in the wild allowing this hardy desert shrub to be grown chemical and pesticide free.

However, harvesting the Jojoba plant over the years has proven to be a very labour intensive process.

Farmers searched extensively for solutions to labour-intensive seed picking, leading to the introduction of a number of unusual looking machines that were either invented or borrowed and altered for use for Jojoba seed harvesting.

Our Jojoba seeds are picked twice a year using an array of different mechanical farming devices including similar harvesting equipment to that used by almond farmers.

Working symbiotically, machines and manual labourers strip the Jojoba trees of the mature quality seeds only, leaving the rest to ripen for the second harvest later in the year.

The harvested seeds are screened so that any small rocks and dirt are removed and they can then move on to the cleaning area which commences with the seeds being dumped into an air blower where any additional dirt, leaves, twigs or other accumulated material is separated.

The cleaning phase continues with a wash in a large water tank where any remaining stones or stubborn material sinks to the bottom and the Jojoba seeds float on the top.

The clean seeds are skimmed off the top of the tank and placed on drying racks.

Following the drying process, but prior to extracting the oil, the seeds are put through a hulling machine to remove the shells and any seeds that do not meet the high quality standards we require for our Jojoba Oil products are disposed of.

Finally the seeds are run through a cold press machine to extract the liquid plant wax ester which is then refined into 100% Pure Jojoba Oil.

All our 100% Pure Jojoba Oil is sourced from plantations in the South-West Riverina region of New South Wales, one of Australia’s most fertile and productive farming regions.

Renewable Planet

We believe our 100% Pure Jojoba Oil is an environmentally friendly product.

jojoba plant


The Jojoba Plant is:

  •  A renewable replacement for certain fossil fuels
  •  Carbon Negative (removes carbon from the atmosphere as it grows)
  •  Salt-tolerant
  •  Needs little water
  •  Helps prevent erosion
  •  Effective crop for drought-prone affected areas
  •  Can be grown chemical and pesticide free
  •  Non-toxic
  •  The only natural alternative to Sperm Whale oil

Jojoba quick facts:

  • 1


    Simmondsia chinensis
  • 2


    Grows to 10 feet high
  • 3


    Can live 100 - 200+ years
  • 4

    oil weight

    Approximately 50% of seed weight
  • 5

    removes carbon

    From the atmosphere as it grows
  • 6


    Takes 5 years before first seed harvest.
  • 7


    12 pounds of seeds per mature plant.
  • 8


    Seeds can live for up to ten years because of the oil.
  • 9


    Many essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and vitamins.
  • 10


    Similar properties to Sperm Whale Oil.