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Jojoba Oil


What is Jojoba?

Jojoba (botanical name: Simmondsia Chninsis) is a dessert shrub, highly sought after for the oil that can be extracted from its special seeds.

For centuries, Jojoba has been used for its healing and medicinal qualities by the Native Americans of the Sonoran Desert in South-Western America.

And now you can discover the extraordinary anti-aging properties and regenerative benefits that our all natural 100% Pure Jojoba Oil can provide for you.

Why so special?

Jojoba is unique because the moisturising liquid plant wax esters contained in the seeds can be refined into special oil that has identical moisturising properties to the hydrating sebum produced by our own body’s skin glands.

Sebum acts as a natural conditioner to help the body maintain smooth and supple skin and Jojoba Oil is the perfect natural enhancement to this moisturising process

The similar physical and chemical properties between Jojoba Oil and sebum allow Jojoba to penetrate deeper and work far more effectively, not clogging your pores or leaving any greasy residue on the skin.

Why do I need Jojoba Oil?



As our bodies age, the production of the naturally moisturising sebum decreases which in turn affects our skins elasticity.



100% Pure Jojoba Oil can help you replace your skins lost hydration leaving it silky smooth and vibrant.



Gently and safely moisturise your skin to a depth where very few other products can penetrate and leave your skin soft and glowing.



Our 100% Pure Jojoba Oil can help you slow the effects of time by replenishing and locking in your skins natural moisture.

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